Sprayglo® Warranty

Our warranties vary depending on the services and repairs you have chosen. All services and repairs are to the existing surfaces of your vehicle. Therefore, our warranties must be limited to our workmanship and the materials we use. Our warranties do not cover pre-existing or undetected conditions.

Spot or Panel Painting
All materials used to spot or panel paint any area of your vehicle will be guaranteed against peeling or cracking for (1) one year.

Dent Repairs
All dent repairs are guaranteed against cracking or shrinking for one full year. We cannot be responsible for the cracking of old body filler or previous repairs.

Rust Repairs
Rust can form inside hollow metal parts, below metal surfaces, and inside hidden seams. The recurrence of rust is possible at any time and therefore is beyond the limits of control by Sprayglo®. Therefore, all rust repairs including materials are guaranteed for 90 days.

Extra Preparation or Panel Stripping
Extra preparation (or stripping) will be performed only if it is detailed on the “repair order” form. If paint removal (extra preparation, stripping, etc.) is performed to eliminate peeling, cracking or delamination, Sprayglo® will warrant the finish as outlined in the Complete Paint Jobs section of this brochure. However, no warranty can be offered against peeling or cracking if the customer chooses to paint over cracked or delaminated areas.

Complete Paint Jobs
Sprayglo’s® warranties cover all paint jobs. The period of each warranty varies with the chemical makeup of the topcoat. Our limited warranties cover:
Failure due to application
Fading (in some cases)

Sprayglo® guarantees all paint applications will be applied in a proper manner. This included techniques, environmental responsibility, and the correct amount of material to assure uniformity of color and consistent gloss.

Please understand that minor imperfections such as nicks, scratches or chips may be visible under the paint and are acceptable unless they are listed as specific area(s) of repair on your “Repair Order” form. Sprayglo® takes care to minimize dust and dirt settling into the new paint finish. Minimal amounts of dust are inherent to the refinishing process.

Sprayglo® takes great care in the preparation of your vehicle. In most cases, our paint jobs include a primer sealer that will minimize the chance of peeling at any point.

Warranties against peeling are as follows:
20/20 90 days
Polyglo 2 years
Supreme 3 years
Extreme 5 years

If the existing surfaces are not cracking prior to beginning the refinishing process or if extra preparation or stripping is purchased and outlined on the “Repair Order” form, the above outlined warranties (see peeling) will apply. However, under no circumstances can cracking from prior body filler (often difficult to detect) be covered under any warranty.


Polyglo 2 years
Supreme 3 years
Extreme 5 years

If your vehicle’s new finish fades within the initial period as listed above, Sprayglo® will repaint the vehicle or affected areas on your vehicle at no charge.